Here is a selection of links to the articles I have written in various UK papers over the years which have struck a chord with readers. For a selection of my recent articles in the Telegraph click here and for Guardian/Observer pieces click here.

Daily Telegraph 9/6/2012
The charity Mary's Meals does remarkable work in Malawi by providing schoolchildren with one square meal a day that enables them to study and work for a better future.

Daily Telegraph 29/3/2014
A glimpse of another side of Jeffrey Archer - on a visit to meet the prisoner he has been mentoring since they were together behind bars.

Daily Telegraph 23/8/2012
How an extraordinary day I spent with Tony and Jane Nicklinson changed my mind about the right-to-die.

Observer 19/6/2011
An account I wrote on learning that the Catholic priest who had married us, and after whom we had named our son, was in fact a paedophile who had covered his tracks almost to his death bed.

Daily Telegraph 30/5/2010
The death of Rod Smyth, my best friend from childhood, after a long and brave wait for a kidney transplant, forced me to reconsider my hitherto casual attitude to carrying a donor card.

Independent on Sunday 4/04/2010
Interviewing your heroes can be disappointing - feet of clay and all that.  But Billy Bragg was inspiring when I caught up with him as he prepared to make his London theatrical debut.

Guardian Review 28/2/2009
Marking the 75th anniversary of the publication of C Day-Lewis' A Hope for Poetry, the manifesto of the Thirties poets.

Daily Telegraph 16/05/2008
In conversation with Cherie Blair about the furore that has surrounded the publication of her memoirs

Observer 12/01/2008
In conversation with Daniel Day-Lewis about his latest film, There Will be Blood, and about his approach to acting,,2239726,00.html

Independent on Sunday 2/12/07
On growing up with a disabled mother

Observer 24/3/2002
On losing a parent and searching for heaven,,672903,00.html

Guardian 10/3/2004
On the death of my father,,1165864,00.html

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